The History of Timberlind Auctions

Written by Robert Lind - Owner of Timberlind Auctions 

I graduated from the Western Canadian School of Auctioneering
in Calgary on October 3, 1998.

We had our first machinery consignment sale on the farm May Long
Weekend in 1999 and the next on September Long Weekend.
Since then we have made them annual sales.
Last spring was the largest ever with just under
400 consignors and just under 6,000 people attended.
We have developed the sale yard into a permanent facility.
We also have about 20 farm sales around
the Drayton Valley area annually.

 We have a great group of people that are part of our sales team:
Anita Hopfe - Office Assistant
Alice Fenton - Office Assistant
Mike Kwirant - Mechanic
Roger Leeder - Mechanic
Don Oberg - Auctioneer/Ringman
Mark Stock - Ringman
Darryl Snider - Auctioneer/Ringman
Many other people that assist with our two major consignment
auctions but there are too many to list.

From October to March in the farm sale off season I work with
Transcon Livestock & Bohrson Marketing.
They manage Purebred Simmental sales, selling bulls in the spring
and females in the fall. I have worked these sales
across Canada, from Abbotsford, British Columbia to Chester Basin,
Nova Scotia and many sales in between, but mostly in Alberta.

I really enjoy the auction business and love to meet
so many great people in many different industries.

Robert Lind